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4 Out Of 3 Doctors Recommend TLPS Over Botox

In this, the 16th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

“Shooting The Sh!t” this week, the guys discuss the trip they're planning to Chicago to see Kevin Smith on his podcast tour. They also outline their plans to videotape and podcast the whole disaster. Seriously, can you imagine what's gonna happen when they start drinking and have to put up with each other?

From The Male Sack, Quoting the email from listener @T8haze “Here's my fallen soldier. (Yes, she sent a pic) We have had some amazing times, but all good things come to an end. I am in the market for a replacement, but I'm not too sure what to get. I'd like an upgrade, but nothing too fancy or complicated!” Joe “The Sniper” is then tasked with and leads the charge to find a new soldier for T8, who clearly lost hers in a vigorous battle with her bulge. Get it?!... Battle of the Bulge! Get it?! Get it?! I was gonna say hoo hoo, but I didn't. The Sniper, after days of research and testing, brings his Top 3 to the table for us to select for T8. Will she like it? Will she approve? Will she use it? I dunno. You'll have to ask her...

In Headlines, A man robs a bar for condoms and cash, while another man pays $50,000 for 7 beefy crunchy tacos, and the police are called to rescue a man who did not miss his train. Did you know marriage counseling now includes sex, drinking AND drugs?! Neither did we. And finally, The Kilted One loses his sh$t when both Mr. Kia and The Sniper bring stories of child abuse and exploitation to the table. Botox for 4 yr. Olds and Push up bras for pre-teens. REALLY people? REALLY?! W T F?!

And we read from the Glossary Of Perversion from our friends at GetOffended.Com... You offensive f@*kers!

***Special THANKS*** To all of you... Every last f@*king one of you... Those of you who have promoted the show either by retweeting our tweets, tweeting your own tweets about us, telling someone about the podcast, writing our name on your boobs and going out for a night on the town, drunk dialing us and leaving messages of love and adoration, drunk dialing your friends about us... And the list goes on. 


How The Hell Am I Supposed To Eat My 7 Burritos Without My Diet Coke

Free Ride

Not The Way To Marriage Counsel

Botox Baby

Don't Have Enough To Hold Up Your Bikini? Try One Of These

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  • People like that women in England need to seriously be tourtured. Wtf is wrong with people? Other than that, great show. I wish I could come to Chi-town for the Jay and silent Smod tour... hope you get that joint with Kev, Ginger. Ya'll have fun and record as much as possible, can't wait to hear all the nonsense!

    posted by: Jes on 2011-04-06 12:44:41

  • Yes for a YouTube channel! & have with with Smitties ;)

    posted by: Denisa on 2011-04-05 21:59:29

  • So funny guys! Loved the song you opened with! Yes my titties are real! You guys are great. Thanks for making my day!

    posted by: Althea on 2011-04-05 02:48:14

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